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Lublin Science and Technology Park is the place to organize conferences, training sessions and workshops. We take time to fully understand the needs of our clients and meet their expectations. 

Our staff is equipped with all the specialist knowledge, necessary experience and modern infrastructure to meet the expectations of the most demanding client.

Meticulous attention is put into preparing interesting conferences and prestigious events for both our clients and the participants.

Conference and training rooms

Lublin Science and Technology Park contains 4 training rooms, 60 m2 each, that can be arranged in various ways. The theatre arrangement allows the presence of up to 50 people in one room. The rooms are equipped with multimedia projectors, screens, flipcharts and wi-fi network. It is possible to equip the training rooms with notebooks.

The cost of renting the training rooms:

35 zl net/h

300 zl net/day

Building plan

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Training auditorium

The auditorium of 600 m2 area was designed to house 420 people. There is a possibility to divide the auditorium into three independent functional areas for 140 people in each room. Regardless of the auditorium division, for each configuration, there is available an audiovisual system, which allows to conduct an independent multimedia presentation. Auditorium is equipped with projectors capable of rendering materials in Full HD.

Auditorium is equipped with system of simultaneous translation that enable the simultaneous infrared transmission up to 4 languages (language of the proceedings+ 3 translated languages). Each of the translators’ place is equipped with 2 independent desktops that allows translators to change their place during the conference without any trouble.

The cost of renting the audytorium:

500 zl net/ h

2500 zl net/ day

The exhibition space

The exhibition room is located in the underground part of the inner gallery; its function is to communicate between floors and also to compose a coherent element of exhibition area. On the ground floor is located a dining and seating area for people who are staying temporarily at conferences, congresses, exhibitions, traninings, etc.

The area of the exhibition room:

level of "-1" - 533.40 m2

level "0" - 593.90 m2

The cost of renting the exhibition space is:

500 zł net / h

2 500 zł net / day


Lublin Science and Technology Park offers high quality office area in reasonable prices.

Benefits for tenants:

  • Good localization ,near Special Economic Sphere(SSE subarea. “Mielec”) 
  • Surrounding of companies and scientific units focused on innovation activities
  • Access to conference rooms after coordination this with Lublin science and technology park S.A
  • Reserved parking places
  • Access to social room for employees
  • Security and Safety( the whole are is guarded with security cameras and professional security officers 

Companies and institutions that are interested in renting office area at the  Lublin science and technology park should meet specific requirements:

  • Match in development activties with directions recognized as priority in the development strategy for Lubelskie Region 
  • Being ready to cooperate with other companies localized in Lublin science and technology park

Preferred activity profile of companies and the institution:

  • R&D sector 
  • It companies 
  • Bio-tech companies 
  • Scientific units


Virtual offices

Starting business activity? Working as a freelancer? You want to lower the costs of conducted activity?

Virtual office is an alternative for expensive process of renting and maintaining your office. For our customers we offer 4 service packets:

Mail address
Company Address
Mail address extended service
Company Address extended service

Example of marking the location of business cubby which can be used for business correspondence:

Company XYZ Sp. z o.o.

Building of the  Lublin Science and Technology Park

Dobrzańskiego 3 street

Premises: . BS001
Post code : 20-262 LUBLIN


Lublin Science and Technology Park have laboratory areas ready for rent.

Areas are equipped with:

  • wiring, lighting installations
  • teleinformatic installations
  • air conditional
  • resinous floor


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