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About the Institute

Lublin Design Institute was established as a part of the Lublin Science and Technology Park in June 2015 to support the development of widely understood design around Lublin region.


The main objectives of the Institute include promotion of good practices in terms of visual projects and the creation of a platform for the cooperation of universities placed in Lublin, business, designers and public administration.


Lublin Design Institute is planning to cooperate with entrepreneurs, cultural institutions, designers, higher education institutions and the most importantly, Polish institutions operating in the field of design.

The Programme Board


Marek Cecuła

Andrzej Jachim

Bartosz Pniewski

Prof. Jan Pomorski

Prof. Artur Popek

Małgorzata Rygalik

Dr Mariusz Sagan

Prof. Ryszard Skubisz

Dr Paulina Zarębska-Denysiuk

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