Young Engineer Academy

Classes in Young Engineer Academy provide a development of skills like:

  • Logical thinking;
  • Imagination and creativity;
  • Knowledge of programming, technology, physics and mathematics;
  • Creating robots and programming their moves – practical activities, children work in couples and have at their disposal a full set of blocks and a computer equipped with essential software;
  • Understanding of the surrounding world;
  • Asking questions and curiosity: How does it work? Why it is like that?
  • Teamwork
  • Visual and spatial skills


Organizational aspects:

  • The classes are held in the LPNT building ( Dobrzańskiego Street 3);
  • The semester covers 12 meetings;
  • The meeting takes place once a week and lasts 1,5 hour;
  • Small groups;
  • The classes take place on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays    ( to choose from);
  • Dates and hours of classes are set during the admissions;
  • Thanks to the classes, children acquire not only spatial-planning skills but also abstractive and creative thinking. Moreover, the classes teach how to take care of ecological aspects, and the Minecraft world is used to teach all school subjects, starting from reading, writing or basic mathematical operation skills, ending with advanced topics from the areas of physics, geography, history or art.



Designed and elaborated in details by mataba